Great Audio

Inspired by the design of HTC's webpage promoting the HTC-10's audio capabilities. This was an experiment combining effects including the animation of the wavey lines, the transition effect and some other masking, filters and patterns. Created mainly to see how much I could put into one advert to test it's performance.


Half Price Deal

I've worked many times for Vodafone, designing Flash adverts and marketing assets. This was drawn in Illustrator and converted to SVG. Filters and Patterns hand coded and then animated with Greensock.

Filesize: 45k



Classics Collection

I developed this Spakler text effect for Disney, reflecting their magical branding. Designed in Illustrator and then the effects were all hand coded with Greensock. This advert was resized to five other formats and the campaign had great responses.

Filesize: 139k

Enterprize Rent A Car


One of a series of five campaigns I designed and produced for Enterprize, with animated, stacked typography. Made with GoogleWebDesigner, Greensock and SVG.

Designed on behalf of Dare West


Avant Homes

Live Differently

Hand coded HTML using an external SVG and animated with Greensock. SVG filters used to produce the colour overlay effects on the logo.

Filesize: 48k

Created on behalf of Dare West


Life After 50

Hand coded HTML using an external SVG and an image spritesheet made from frames of a video and re-animated with Greensock.

Filesize: 135k

Created on behalf of Dare West



Google Home

Google's own adverts for the Google Home were all static images and very dull. So as a test I remade it using only SVG (No images and scaleable) then added some animation with Greensock.

Filesize: 10k - The same as Google's gif!